Wednesday, November 24, 2004


Has anyone seen this remarkably good film from 1997? If not, it's kiiiiiiiiind of like Brave New World in that social roles and etc are to some extent predetermined, but more like dystopian science fiction in general. In it genetic engineering is optional, not government controlled or anything like that, and as the main character (a guy who is not genetically engineered, but fakes it by partnering with someone who is) says, "There's no gene for success." However, the world has been split into two classes, those who are genetically engineered and those who are not. It's really interesting in that it does not scream anti-technology or pro-technology, rather just exploring the issues that would exist in a near-future society in which genetic engineering is available, highly refined and widely used. And, as they say about every dystopian scenario, "It's disturbingly close to the real world" (or something like that).

That's just a link to a site that collects information and reviews on tons of movies, which has a page for Gattaca. There's links to a bunch of reviews of the film there.


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