Saturday, November 13, 2004

Kevin Warwick's Cyborg Virus warning

Virus warning: Cyborgs at risk | CNET

Warwick says that computer and organic viruses will become a single entity in cyborg bodies.

"Speaking this week at Consult Hyperion's fifth Digital Identity Forum in London, Warwick spoke of a future when those who aren't cyborgs will be considered the odd ones.

'For those of you that want to stay'll be a subspecies in the future,' he said.

Warwick said he believes there are advantages for a human being networked to a computer. It would mean an almost 'infinite knowledge base,' he said, adding that it would be akin to upgrading humans.

The security problems that dog modern computing won't be much different from those that could plague the cyborgs of the future. 'We're looking at software viruses and biological viruses becoming one and the same,' Warwick said. 'The security problems (will) be much, much greater.'"


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