Monday, August 30, 2004

A Brand New Cyborg Manifesto

\\\ The Cyborg Manifesto \\\
Hey, there's a new cyborg manifesto! The site is beautifully designed, technically and aesthetically, but a little weak on the content side... But maybe that's what cyborgs are all about.

Sunday, August 22, 2004

Cyborg Senior Programmer wanted...

Job Detail: "CYBORG Senior Programmer
Pay Rate:
Term: Fulltime
Location: Birmingham, Alabama
Length: Direct Placement
Date Posted: 8/1/2004

Description: Our client is seeking a Senior Level CYBORG Programmer to support their Payroll/HR/Benefits System. Specific tasks include, but are not limited to: Application of PTF's and regulatory bulletins, quarterly reporting, W2 processing, installation and upgrades, 1099 processing. In addition, excellent organization and communication skills are required. Job Title: CYBORG Senior Programmer Primary Skills: CYBORG Job Industry: Information Technology Vacancies: 1 Job City: Birmingham Job Metro Area: Birmingham Job State: AL Job Country: US Salary: DOE Hours per Week: 40 Start Date: ASAP Job Duration: Direct Placement Detailed Job Duration: NA Degree Type: NA Degree Area: NA Experience Minimum: 5 Years Certificates/Licenses: Candidates responding to this posting must currently possess the eligibility to work in the United States. To submit a resume for this position, you must place PR35238_NT_CYB2 in the subject line of your e-mail. Send your resumes to: in text format. Do not send e-mail attachments.

Job Requirement: CYBORG

Contact Information
Manpower Professional
Professional Recruiter
205-980-9225 Phone
205-980-0814 Fax
URL: Manpower.Professional.PICKAJOB.COM

Patriarch Cyborg McLuhan still has Followers - The screen-age: Our brains in our laptops - Aug 2, 2004

CNN reporter Christine Boese writes:

"If we think of ourselves as somehow projected outside our bodies, one's sense of self becomes increasingly fragmented. My math brain lives partly inside a calculator.

"My consciousness isn't just split between gray matter and a hard drive or two. Now part of it lives on the Internet and seems to stay there all the time. While I may feel a bit diffuse, mostly I observe changes in what McLuhan called our 'sense ratios,' like a goldfish changing from one kind of aquarium to another. We adapt. We gain some things, lose others."

That we can use electronic sensors to manipulate electronic machines or transfer data from one body to another seems pretty straightforward in terms of "extension" - a passing of information, basically, in the form of minute electronic fluxes you could say; but what I don't get is why people insist on this "fragmentation" bullshit. Your consciousness isn't going into the machine if you use a calculator, nor is it extending out into the network when you read or write on a computer, or watch television. No more than it goes into the glass you're holding when you pour your milk into it.

I do get it: it's a historically based assumption drawing on centuries of speculation regarding the immateriality vs materiality of human consciousness. Language and metaphors are the culprits.

Cyborg migration patterns: annual summer gathering

Reason: The Transhumans Are Coming! And they're promoting mito flushes, sousveillance, cyberglogging, and genetic virtue
A review of the recent World Transhumanist Assocition's annual conference (TransVision 2004) in Toronto, by Ronald Bailey.

Present at the conference were Cyborgartiste Stelarc and Cyborg Mann. Apparently Stelarc is still dithering on about Cartesian dualism (come on, people! That was 300 years ago. Geez. Obviously the Cartesian mind was defunct ages ago. Why are people still thinking they need to refute it?)

Bailey acknowledges that Mann has a point in using sousveillance as a response to surveillance. Bailey himself has a good point in suggesting there's something not quite right about the "prestigious professor" going around "aggressively" targetting clerks who don't run the stores or make decisions about surveillance. Who wouldn't be a little intimidated by a freaky guy standing a little too close and wearing bizarre and pointedly obvious filming gear?

Here's a film of sousveillance at Sears, from Cyborg Mann's site. Here's a complete description by Mann of Sousveillance, not just surveillance, in response to terrorism.

Tuesday, August 17, 2004
The Official website of Captain Cyborg.

Monday, August 16, 2004

Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence


In theatres September 17!

Ghost in the Shell (1995), based on the Japanese manga, is set in the 21st century and focuses on Major Motoko Kusanagi - a cyborg with a human brain in a mechanical body - who works for a covert operations unit that fights cyber-crime. In these animes, the unit is searching for The Puppet Master, who turns out to be an artificial intelligence. The relationships of Ghost in the Shell to cyberpunk fiction and film such as Neuromancer and The Matrix deserve closer examination.

If you're feeling a little uncertain about your cyborg's help

The Cyborg Name Generator
I am: A.L.L.I.S.O.N. M.U.R.I.: Artificial Lifelike Lifeform Intended for Sabotage and Online Nullification/Mechanical Unit Responsible for Infiltration.

Sunday, August 15, 2004

The Hyperspectral Imaging Endoscope: Spectral Bodies & Non-Invasive Surgery

The Hyperspectral Imaging Endoscope: A New Tool For Non-invasive In Vivo Cancer Detection | Science Daily
"Surgery is clearly gravitating to the minimally invasive arena. The technology we employed in building the HSIE system gives us a great opportunity to improve a number of important components of surgical intervention. We are working now on an implementation using acousto-optic tunable filters, invented for hyperspectral satellite reconnaissance. It may sound like science fiction now, but I think we may ultimately be able to use the endoscope to not only detect cancers early, but to treat them using modalities such as localized photodynamic therapy, laser ablation or gene therapy. This closer coupling, spatially and temporally, between diagnosis and treatment may be the cornerstone of future surgical intervention."

The obsolescence of sperm

'Virgin birth' mammal rewrites rules of biology | New Scientist
"A mammal that is the daughter of two female parents has been created for the first time. Until now such a feat had been considered biologically impossible. But the mouse, called Kaguya, was born without the involvement of any sperm or male cell - only female eggs were needed."

Worm protein may slow Parkinson's

Worm protein may slow Parkinson's | BBC NEWS
"A type of protein which helps increase lifespan in yeast and worms could offer hope for new treatments in diseases such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's. Researchers from Washington School of Medicine say it appears to help prevent damage to nerve cells in the brain which occur in such diseases."

Brain circuits: How to improve cyberlabour efficiency

Brain's Reward Circuitry Revealed in Procrastinating Primates
"Using a new molecular genetic technique, scientists have turned procrastinating primates into workaholics by temporarily suppressing a gene in a brain circuit involved in reward learning. Without the gene, the monkeys lost their sense of balance between reward and the work required to get it, say researchers at the NIH's National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH)."

Saturday, August 14, 2004

First Synthetic biology conference

Synthetic biology applies engineering approach to biological components - MIT News Office
A conference on "writing" DNA - that is, building things on the molecular scale, and imagining standardized parts (like in old-fashioned engineering where everyone agrees on which direction a screw is threaded).

Cyborg Memory enhancement

MIT study may hold key to boosting brainpower - MIT News Office
MIT research indicates that a tiny molecular change signficantly alters the number of synapse receptors, and speculate that this discovery may one day lead to the ability to boost brainpower in the area of the brain where long-term memories are stored. GluR2 glutamate receptor acts like a "traffic cop" in the brain to weaken synapses. Glutamate, a common amino acid, is a major neurotransmitter, which acts as a "messenger" to transmit information from one neuron to another. GluR2 alters the number of receptors on the surface of synapses.

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Britain issues cloning licence for stem cell research

Go-Ahead for Researchers to Clone Human Embryos | Reuters
The cyborg population in Britain can now clone embryos for researching the use of stem cells in therapeutic treatments. Cyborgologists speculate that over time, the cyborg population in the British Isles may become healthier than the American cyborg herd, which at present prefers chemical drugs over cellular ones.