Sunday, August 22, 2004

Cyborg migration patterns: annual summer gathering

Reason: The Transhumans Are Coming! And they're promoting mito flushes, sousveillance, cyberglogging, and genetic virtue
A review of the recent World Transhumanist Assocition's annual conference (TransVision 2004) in Toronto, by Ronald Bailey.

Present at the conference were Cyborgartiste Stelarc and Cyborg Mann. Apparently Stelarc is still dithering on about Cartesian dualism (come on, people! That was 300 years ago. Geez. Obviously the Cartesian mind was defunct ages ago. Why are people still thinking they need to refute it?)

Bailey acknowledges that Mann has a point in using sousveillance as a response to surveillance. Bailey himself has a good point in suggesting there's something not quite right about the "prestigious professor" going around "aggressively" targetting clerks who don't run the stores or make decisions about surveillance. Who wouldn't be a little intimidated by a freaky guy standing a little too close and wearing bizarre and pointedly obvious filming gear?

Here's a film of sousveillance at Sears, from Cyborg Mann's site. Here's a complete description by Mann of Sousveillance, not just surveillance, in response to terrorism.


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