Sunday, August 15, 2004

The Hyperspectral Imaging Endoscope: Spectral Bodies & Non-Invasive Surgery

The Hyperspectral Imaging Endoscope: A New Tool For Non-invasive In Vivo Cancer Detection | Science Daily
"Surgery is clearly gravitating to the minimally invasive arena. The technology we employed in building the HSIE system gives us a great opportunity to improve a number of important components of surgical intervention. We are working now on an implementation using acousto-optic tunable filters, invented for hyperspectral satellite reconnaissance. It may sound like science fiction now, but I think we may ultimately be able to use the endoscope to not only detect cancers early, but to treat them using modalities such as localized photodynamic therapy, laser ablation or gene therapy. This closer coupling, spatially and temporally, between diagnosis and treatment may be the cornerstone of future surgical intervention."


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