Monday, November 27, 2006

Cyborg Jazz: Sequel (For Lester Bowie)

George Lewis | Sequel (For Lester Bowie): Review in All About Jazz by Kurt Gottschalk.
"2006 has been a good year for [George Lewis]. In April he presented a piece for jazz sextet plus his own laptop as a part of the New York AACM series that showed a new, cinematic side to his computer-driven composing; and in June he played a gorgeous electroacoustic duo with trumpeter Bill Dixon as a part of the Vision Festival. Sequel, subtitled “A Composition for Cybernetic Improvisors,” is the first wholly satisfying recording of Lewis the electronicist."

Cyborg track listing:
"Sequel, A Composition For Cybernetic Improvisors (For Lester Bowie)"; "Calling All Cyborgs (After Sun Ra)."


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