Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Cyborg 101 online

Cyborg 101: The Warrior's Guide to the Blackboard Jungle is an online book by Angus T.K. Wong, published by Grasshopper Enterprises and stored on Their blurb:

With the recent release of Terminator 3, we went back in time to retrieve this cult classic by Angus Wong. Unfortunately his original site has vanished. Some of the information is dated, but overall it stands as an inspiring journal of an intrepid explorer. It is too unique to let fade into the pixel dust of cyber-history so we've reproduced what we could, without modification; all rights are retained by Angus.

From the introduction:
Midway through university, Angus was suspended because of poor academic performance. Three years later, he graduated at the top 5% of his class, on the dean's honour list.

This book is his "how to" guide. Its techniques have transformed a lazy, poor-performing dropout, into a straight-A student.

From the Author's Note:
In my quest for the perfect perspective with which to regard school, I created what I call the paradigm of the cyborg. It is the key manner in which learners will realise success. By viewing themselves as war-machines, of sorts, and the classroom as a battlefield, the students can destroy the notion that school is boring and mundane. This frame of reference also facilitates analysis of the situation in strategic and tactical terminology. In addition, the concept of "cybernetics" in the context of this book refers to the combined use of organic and inorganic tools to assist the student in achieving a common objective. Inorganic devices include, for example, personal computers and subliminals. Organic tools, on the other hand, refer to mental skills such as speed-reading and memory techniques.


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