Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Future Cities: The Cyborg and the City

Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA)- - Future Cities: The Cyborg and the City:

Darn! I missed this one: Friday Nov. 4 2005. The blurb reads:

"Cyberspace is dead, say the new gurus of mobile communications, and long live the cyborg. The network of wireless connections between ourselves, other people and our surroundings is said to be transforming how we navigate our way around the city.

Almost invisibly, we have all turned into "cyborgs" or "electronomads" - human bodies with embedded digital extensions - and have the city as our network. But is wireless IT as transformative as its enthusiasts claim? And what are the implications of the mobile revolution for activists, urban architects and designers?

Speakers: William J Mitchell, Professor of Architecture and Media Arts at MIT and author of Me++ and Placing Words; Kevin Warwick, Professor of Cybernetics at Reading University and pioneer of the surgical implantation of mobile devices under human skin."


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