Friday, November 18, 2005

Cyborg Anime on DVD

Anime on DVD:
On his quest to find the humans possessing Net Terminal Genes, Killy enters Cluster Town, where he comes across a woman who offers help. Her vast knowledge of the power behind this city may prove to be an asset to Killy, as long as he can give her what she needs. But the two will have to work fast, as they attempt to break through to the next sector of the Authority--the massive network that makes up the brain of the city.
Here's an excerpt from Tsutomu Nihei's review of the DVD (trans. Stephen Paul)
"You will probably never confuse or compare Blame! to any other English translated manga on the market, which for me makes this title a must read for all cyberpunk fans....

Tsutomu Nihei's artwork is about as completely opposite of the majority of English translated manga on the market as it can get. There no cute, doe-eyed characters with pointy hair or revealing clothing. No bishounen or lusty ladies or samurai inspired designs. The character designs of Blame! are the melding of flesh and metal, to the point where neither is distinguishable from the other. There is not a lot of facial expression work, but in a way the pale, lucid faces seem to fit in with this world where there appears to be no sun (and most everyone is no longer human).

The backgrounds are absolutely stunning. Nihei-sensei was schooled in architecture, and his sense of perspective and building construction are really highlighted by his skill. He also creates wonderfully directed action sequences that explode off the page, sometimes in a great full-page panel. Overall, the artwork fits the story perfectly; it gets extra props for being an unconventional style that makes a lasting impression."


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