Friday, April 28, 2006

"The Depths of Badness": Cybernator (1991)

Bad Movie Knights: "REVIEW: Cybernator
This is a review by Patrick, and this is a site I must revisit (there would be no better place to find cyborg movies than here, I suspect):

"I now know what Columbus must have felt as he gazed upon the horizon.....and watched as it gave birth to the New World. On this day, I share a kinship with that revolutionary I too have made a discovery....a discovery of such magnitude that it will shake the very foundations of the Bad Movie world. The Bad Movie of which I speak.....Cybernator.

"Not since Troll 2 have I seen a bad movie of this order. If you were to take the Troll 2 dvd, squat and curl a steaming shit on it, and then place it into your player, you still wouldn't reach depths of badness that Cybernator represents."

Apparently in some dark futuristic city some US senators are being killed off by cyborgs, and there's a rogue cop with a Captain who doesn't like him...blah blah blah. Stripper love interest. Military conspiracy. Best Amazon review: "Cybernator ruined my marriage!"


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