Monday, April 24, 2006

Bionic leg, articicial muscles, urinary bladder prosthesis implant, chronic pain stimulation

Victhom: bionic leg, articicial muscles, urinary bladder prosthesis implant, chronic pain stimulation:

Most of the following bionics technologies are interesting, but the "bidirectional neurobionic system"--nerve sensing and stimulation application would create a true cyborg with artificial feedback systems directly influencing the nervous system: their advertising image shows the head as a circuit board.

Artificial Exo-Muscles
"Current actuation technologies have demonstrated several limitations in the biomedical field. The current actuators used to obtain large displacement are noisy, heavy and do not adequately reproduce muscle behavior. A need for new actuation technologies capable of reproducing muscle performance more accurately is crucial. Depending on their possible applications, artificial muscle technologies could be divided into two main categories: exomuscles and implantable muscles. The first category includes actuators that reproduce muscle functionality outside the body such as artificial limbs. The second category includes implantable devices that provide muscle functionality such as artificial sphincters or blood pressure pumps."

Bidirectional Neurobionic System
"Victhom has developed a solid neurosensing and neurostimulation expertise which will now serve the development of both open and closed-loop implantable control systems. More specifically, the Bidirectional Neurobionic System (BNS) is a platform under development that integrates peripheral nerve sensing and stimulation technologies with artificial intelligence in order to address physiological and anatomical dysfunctions.

This unique platform features real-time interaction with the peripheral nervous system. It has the ability to sense and modulate the sensory and motor nerve signals selectively. Based on a closed-loop architecture, commands are generated through a proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI) subsystem that relies on a proven concept used for phenomenological signal interpretation within our BioTronix division. This innovative platform also benefits from the full integration of nerve sensing and stimulation in a single device.

Victhom is currently working on the development of specific modules required by such a system, such as user interface, two-way communication, power transmission, controller unit, signal conditioning and processing, sensors and mechanical hardware. Scientific and engineering activities are addressing the design of specific modules that will serve in both open and closed-loop applications. "

Bionic Leg
"Victhom motorized prosthesis is the first in the world to provide the necessary power to restore amputated lower limb function during defined portions of locomotion. The behavior of the prosthesis is determined through a combination of artificial proprioceptors resulting in the keyed sound side sensory control."

Urinary Implant
"Urge Incontinence affects 20 million people in the US while bladder dysfunctions caused by Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) affect 800,000 people worldwide, with 25,000 new cases each year.

Victhom’s Urinary Implant represents the next generation of « pacemaker for the bladder ». It intends to help people who suffer from urge incontinence or bladder dysfunction caused by spinal cord injury. "


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