Wednesday, April 05, 2006

anthropologist MA student seeks Cyborg Anthropologists for PhD

anthropologist: Cyborg Anthropology: "Cyborg Anthropology
Hello,I am new to the community and I am rediscovering the anthropologist in me. I am currently finishing my MA in Women's Studies and writing a thesis that seemingly has very little to do with anthropology. I am writing about the cyborg as a liberatory identity in dystopias. However, prior to this topic, I was going to write about the cyborgging of the gendered body in relation to mmorpgs (or other online communities) but felt it was more appropriate for a dissertation. I want to pursue a PhD, unfortunately, I have not found many anthropology departments/programs that have any faculty researching cyborg anthropology. At UC Irvine, I have found two professors who are but other than that, nothing. I was wondering if anyone knew of any professors or departments that are researching or at least interested in cyborg anthropology or at least examining online communities using anthropological methods and methodologies. Thanks!"


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