Thursday, January 05, 2006

synthetic genomics, inc.

synthetic genomics, inc. - media
I missed the launching of this new company last June, founded and chaired by J. Craig Venter (also its CEO). Venter is the former president of Celera Genomics, which mapped the human genome.
"Synthetic Genomics, Inc. seeks to lead the world in its ability to design, synthesize and assemble specifically engineered cell level bio-factories. The ability to make extensive changes to the DNA of a chromosome, assemble it, and insert it into an organism is in its infancy, and the capability to assemble chromosome length strands of DNA will be key to the success of the company. "
The Globe and Mail (subscription required) reported on December 19 that Venter's company is attempting to create the "first human-made species" or "first synthetic life form - a microbe made from scratch."


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