Monday, August 15, 2005

Oh no! Here comes Captain Cyborg again | The Register

Oh no! Here comes Captain Cyborg again | The Register
Intrepid journalists at The Register are reporting a new siting: Kevin Warwick, cyborg at Reading University, is promoting his latest book QI: the Quest for Intelligence.
"Talking about the new book, Warwick also hinted at a new 'experiment'. We can hardly wait. 'Intelligence is what puts humans in our position,' he said. 'If there is something more intelligent than us, it would take over. We can't trust politicians and the military on this.'

Dr Neil Gascgoine responded that he felt Kev has been 'frightened by an episode of Star Trek' when he was younger. He continued that the book was all about how you can't define intelligence and that his 'manic fear' that machines would take over were 'not justified'. The discussion turned to ethics. Prof Warwick said that we were looking at the issue through human ethics and morals, whereas machines will have different morals and ethics - and hence will happily go about killing us.

'What a strange way to think about it,' replied Gascgoine, before announcing that Kev's stance was a 'wholly unwarranted, unsupportable position'."


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