Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Captain Cyborg & CNN

Captain Cyborg - that healthcare program in full | Channel Register
"Incorrigible self-publicist Kevin Warwick has struck again, easing himself into a spot on CNN's website devoted to 'visionaries'. It renews a long-standing love affair between the cable channel and the Brummie lecturer.

"Warwick is to cybernetic research what Hello Kitty is to animal husbandry, but thanks to a gullible media he has been able to carve out an additional career as a futurist. Several years ago Warwick had a passive radio tag implanted in his body allowing him to walk through radio-tag compatible doors, and this, he claimed, had transformed him into a cyborg. A subsequent, painful implant was connected to his nervous system.

"Despite ample warnings, few interviewers have pointed out that Warwick's insatiable desire for attention, his irrational fantasies, and his propensity for self-mutiliation make him more representative of a spotty teenager than a mechanically-enhanced superhuman.

"'It's difficult to describe how frustrating it is in the field seeing this man being our spokesman,' Richard Reeve, at Edinburgh University's informatics division told The Guardian last year."


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