Saturday, April 23, 2005

Cyborgs at ISM Gala at NYU

Washington Square News:
Well, I guess it had to come: cyborgs are just another -ism along with capitalism, feminism, marxism, individualism, etc. etc.:
"Xiao Li Tan, a Tisch senior, is passionate about her project, sentimental cyborg-ism.

'My --ism is a rebellion to the cyborg aesthetics which I see as cold, metallic and mechanical,' Tan said. 'I wanted to challenge the audience and make cyborg-ism more sentimental, organic and emotional.'

Tan created what she describes as interactive wearable products, including a pair of shell necklaces implanted with radio transmitters and receivers. When the necklaces are within 10-feet of each other, the shells glow."


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