Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Cybernetic Intelligence: Surveillance and Cleaning

PRESS RELEASE: IXEurope and Reading University’s Cybernetic Intelligence Research Group (CIRG) Launch Robotic Surveillance Project for Data Centers
"Working together for the first time IXEurope and Reading University's world-leading Cybernetics group start research on applying artificial intelligence to mission-critical data center operations.

"London, U.K (PRWEB) December 14, 2004 -- IXEurope, Europe's specialist data center services company, has today announced it is to link up with a team from the University of Reading to fund a Cybernetics research project with the aim of developing a robot featuring cleaning, monitoring and surveillance capabilities. The robot, based on an existing 'autonomous' robot - with sensors and electronics that enable it to clean a room without direct human intervention -, will be equipped to monitor the data centers whilst it cleans."

Oh yes, I can see it now in technicolor: introverted, cowed, derided skinny geek husband buys wife a super-duper cybernetic housecleaner for Christmas; one carefree Wednesday afternoon ("hump day" in the metaphoric sense only for the poor dufus husband slaving away at the office reading memos), wife has menage a trois with neighbour and postman; cybernetic feedback from said spying cleaning device appears on husband's computer monitor during his 35-minute lunch break; husband drops tasteless egg salad sandwich on dry white bread onto his desk, spattering white drippy chunks in slo-mo over the keyboard; mayhem ensues; tragedy unfolds; everybody dies.


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