Sunday, October 03, 2004

Hallmark Channel to air proto-cyborg Frankenstein story

Hallmark Channel Presents Monster Makers
"A Classic Tale of Undying Love"??? What new horror is this?...A supposedly authentic adaptation of Frankenstein airs on Hallmark Channel this month.

Donald Sutherland and William Hurt star in an "epic" television adaptation of Shelley's Frankenstein. Part One is to be aired on Tuesday, October 5 (9/8c), and Part Two on Wednesday, October 6 (9/8c). Encores on October 26 and 27. This production was apparently shot entirely on location in Slovakia (Slovakia???).
"Yet this new creature (Luke Goss, Blade II) proves even more fallibly human than Frankenstein. He is not only imbued with knowledge and wisdom, but a conscience as well and a longing to be accepted for something other than the deviant he is....

Mary Shelley's immortal novel truly comes to life for the first time in the most elaborate, gragic, and chillingly faithful version of her classic macabre tale....Frankenstein will rouse audiences with something far more profound than fear."

The burning question: where where where can I ever get a chance to see this?


Blogger Dustin said...

This looks really cool, maybe they will release it on VHS/DVD, or maybe it will be available for download somewhere on the internet (legally or otherwise). There's no way I could catch it as I don't have any decent TV channels.

I'm assuming William Hurt will play Frankenstein, I think he is a good choice since he has demonstrated that he can play a driven/crazy intellectual (I'm thinking of a particularly weird film called Altered States from the 1980s). Donald Sutherland does a really good creepy old man, but I'm not sure what character he would play.

What I find is strange is how they call Frankenstein a "love story." I don't understand how this description is accurate. Elizabeth and Victor's relationship isn't really in the forefront of the novel, the monster himself is much more central.

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