Friday, October 01, 2004

Cyborg Surveillance Goes Both Ways

CBC News: Winnipeg group begins policing the police
This article, about an anti-racism group in Winnipeg that is providing video cameras to volunteers to monitor police treatment of native residents of the city.


Blogger Dustin said...

I read a book that suggested that whatever power small groups may recieve through technology (running web pages, having video cameras etc), this is proportionately tiny (not just on scale, but rather amount of power in relation to the size/influence of the group) compared to the benefits and power that large groups such as corporations and the military recieve.

Thus, it is definitely a good thing that these people can use their video cameras to regulate the activities of publicl officials, but on the other hand, the technology of television allows for what I would argue, is essentially mass mind control. Take something like the upcoming elections in America, every move each side makes is a publicity manuever meant to change or reinforce people's opinions (essentially get into their heads and rearrange things) backed by immense funds that come from potentially untrustworthy sources (vested interests anyone?). Anyway, you will all have to forgive my paranoid ranting, I'm just pointing out that I think the idea that technology goes both ways is true, but needs to be considered alongside the fact that the nature of technology gives more power to certain groups than others - that is, it trickles one way while tidal waves go the other.

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