Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Frankenstein remade, again...

USA NETWORK | Frankenstein
Dr. Frankenstein is now "Victor Helios" (Thomas Kretschmann); the monster is now "Deucalion" (Vincent Perez) roaming about sensitively 200 years after he was created. Deucalion is bent on the destruction of his creator, who's still hanging in there being an obsessed visionary, kept alive all this time through the wonders of science (he wants to create a new race of people to replace mankind; and, surprise!, here it comes, they're designed to be calm and analytical but they're "tortured by their own existence, unpredictable, and often dangerous." These evil creatures have infiltrated society and are "wreaking havoc."). Deucalion learns about the evil scheme, and teams up with two New Orleans (why New Orleans? enquiring minds want to know...) police detectives, Carson O'Connor (Parker Posey) and Michael Madison (Adam Goldberg). The detectives are investigating a series of freakish murders (organs are being stolen, dammit, and who else but good ol' US police and a 200-year-old protocyborg could save the world from such evil and terror?).

Frankenstein's nine producers include Marcus Nispel (known for directing various music videos and the 2003 Texas Chainsaw Massacre), Martin Scorsese, and X-Files writer John Shiban. The scenarist is novelist Dean Koontz. It sounds too good to be true.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dean koontz's original screenplay should have been implemented.We got something edited, chopped, skipped, and Helios and Deucalion's names mispronounced.(I do believe the D is silent in Deucalion..ue-kay'-lee-uhn and hee'-lee-ahs)duhhh!!!
The producers almost totally ruined the whole story altogether.Their own changes were stupid and far too excessive.It is no wonder at all that Dean Koontz withdrew his association from the project.The only decent thing was the sexy Deucalion though he could have been A little taller.
Oh well..Watching the pilot made me all the more thankful that i still have the first two books in the Kooontz series.

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